AF 200 Features and OPtions


Section Joints


Alwin Family's proprietary section joint has a continuous thermal break and replaceable air seals between steel garage door sections, effectively locking out both air and water infiltration into the garage’s interior

Polyurethane Insulation


State-of-the-art polyurethane insulation is blown between the garage door’s steel skins and expands to fill 100% of the door’s interior space. This delivers the industry’s best insulation efficiency and provides an 18.28 R-Value for maximum structural integrity and strength.

Decreased Energy Costs


AF 200 doors help you reduce energy costs with a bulb shaped, vinyl bottom weather seal secured by a continuous aluminum retainer that runs the full width of  door.  


Header Seal


The flexible top weather seal on the AF 200 reduces air infiltration and energy costs by sealing the top of the door against the header.  



Select either 24″ x 8″ or 24" x 12" window sections. 

24 hour turnaround

The Order


 With the ability to fit a range of sizes, Alwin Family Garage Doors can help you get the right door the first time. 

The Assembly


 Our well trained, dedicated team customizes each section for each order.  We can also install windows in your commercial garage door! 

The Pickup/Delivery


We give you options!  

Our custom commercial garage doors can be available for pickup, or Alwin Family Garage Doors can deliver.